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Millennials & Young Professionals

Financial Planning for Millennials/Young Professionals

Financial Planning for Millennials/Young Professionals

Let's face it, millennials are navigating new obstacles previous generations didn't. Obstacles such as the substantial increase in the cost of education and real estate as well as the shift to contributory retirement plans in place of pension plans, millennials are living a different reality than what their parents and grandparents did. 

With that being said, we feel its crucial for millennials to get a strong hold of their financial lives and plan earlier than previous generations did. 

What makes our process different, is that we take an educational approach to financial planning. We begin our process by conducting our financial literacy seminar and then lead our clients down the traditional financial planning process. 

What Millennials want to address:

What Millennials want to address:

  • Managing debt (student loans, car loans, credit card debt)
  • Saving for large purchases
  • Investing to build wealth
  • Learning about investment risk and how to properly align investments with their risk tolerance
  • Deciphering employer retirement plans
  • Understanding the risk their families face if the income earners were to pass away or become disabled
  • Saving for retirement/financial independence
How We Work

How We Work

All of the topics above are addressed with our comprehensive financial planning process. The engagement is for 12 months and allows us time to work through the steps outlined below.

We understand life is busy and with young children can be quite challenging to find a time to meet. For this reason, we now offer a 100% virtual experience and offer flexible meeting times. 

The Financial Planning Process

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