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Our Planning Philosophy

Where excellent service transforms a client experience into a lifelong partnership.

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Your voice will be heard at Acosta Wealth Management. We are committed to building your understanding and trust through active communication. We work on a cross-disciplinary basis that allows us to identify gaps and missed financial opportunities within your current strategy. Additionally, we strive to turn the client experience into a lifelong partnership. As your advisor, we help ensure that your strategies are tailored to meet your goals. 

Our Seven-Step Financial Planning Process 

Step 1: Data Gathering

Data is the basis for a successful financial model. We evaluate your current financial situation, including specific information such as legal documents and arrangements you have made.

Step 2: Identify & Select Goals

Devoted to your financial success, we develop personal financial objectives based on complex questions you may have never been asked or considered. We help ensure you can prosper today and in the future by considering your livable income and your family’s legacy.

Step 3: Analyze current course of action and potential alternative course of action

The full benefit of the financial process becomes apparent in this step, as issues you may not have thought about or realized are identified to set up your financial future for success. Acosta Wealth Management develops the complete picture to put your needs and goals first.

Step 4: Develop Plan Recommendations

We develop client-specific strategies, equipped with benefits and drawbacks of each along with an economic model to determine their impact. 

Step 5: Present Plan Recommendations

We then come to you with completed plan recommendations and discuss how, when and in what order the recommendations should be completed to meet your goals. With all the information provided, you ultimately have the power to choose what actions are appropriate for you.

Step 6: Implement Plan Recommendations

With objectives and a financial model, you are equipped with the tools to pursue your financial goals. You can now present your attorney, CPA, and other advisors with your plan to create a well-rounded future for yourself and your family.

Step 7: Monitor Progress & Update

Things change over time. Update your financial plan annually to account for changes in the economy, tax law, and your personal situation. You will gain a sense of confidence knowing your plan meets with the changes that impact your financial future.

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