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Now more than ever, planning for your retirement is critical. The days when pensions and Social Security provided all of the income you needed for retirement are over. The new reality is that you are responsible for managing your own retirement, and that starts with making sure you’re strategic in your planning. At Acosta Wealth Management our services will help you:

  • Focus on what your goals in retirement are and how you will pay for them.
  • Address your concerns and expectations for retirement.
  • Identify things that could pose a threat to your retirement and manage them.
  • Feel more educated, confident and in control of your financial future.
  • Navigate the complexity of financially moving into retirement.

Our Services:

Retirement Projections: After understanding your unique retirement goals and objectives, we illustrate your cash flow and assets as well as the specific risks to your retirement income, such as inflation, market volatility, healthcare costs and other factors that may cause you to deplete your nest egg too quickly. From here, we help you develop solutions and strategies tailored to your situation.

Goal Setting and Savings Plan: We can help you establish clear goals for retirement and determine the proper savings rate and investment assumptions.

Portfolio Review: A portfolio review takes a look at your current investments; ensuring that you are not taking on more risk than necessary, that you are not paying too much in fees and that you are in the appropriate investments for your financial goals, risk tolerance and time horizon.

Social Security Benefits: We will inform you on your filing options and help you determine which filing method is most appropriate for your situation.

Retirement Income Planning: We will help you develop an income distribution plan that helps meet your needs. Answering questions about what investments to have, what accounts to spend down first, and how to be more tax efficient in retirement income planning.

Asking the Right Questions:

  • How much can I take from my accounts?
  • How long will my money last?
  • How should I invest my portfolio?
  • When should I start social security?
  • What is the best way to pass assets to my beneficiaries?
  • Can my nest egg survive a market downturn?
  • Will my spouse be ok?

Once you have asked yourself these questions, it is time to talk with your trusted financial advisor. We will review your specific situation and design a plan tailored to fit your unique needs. The financial planners at Acosta Wealth Management help individuals like you make a smooth transition into retirement.


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